Super Destroy FX: Source Code

Source code

Source code is what programmers write to make software like audio plugins! We make the source code for all our plugins available, so that you can see how they work, or modify them to create new, weirder sounds. Most of the source code is available under the GNU Public License (GPL), which gives you permission to do a lot of things, but also requires your modifications to be made available under the GPL as well. Also note that some APIs for interfacing with hosts (like the VST SDK) must be downloaded separately from their owners, and aren't as permissive.

Source code repository

The newest version of the source code (and all the history) can be found in our Git repository. You can also find broken code that might not work yet, and many confusing and unfinished projects!

Destroy FX Audio Unit utilities library

We also have a page dedicated to our Destroy FX Audio Unit utilities library, which Audio Unit plugin and host developers may find useful.

Source code packages

If you just want the source code for a specific project and don't want to navigate our entire repository, we also make source code packages available for each of our software releases. You can find a download link in every software info box on our main pages.

source code